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he challenge for the parents of a child with ADD/ADHD is not only to find an effective natural cure, but also to create an environment that supports their creativity, and spurs learning. Here are some lifestyle changes that may help.

Show Affection (and ask for it) – Children living with ADHD need reassurance they aren’t a bad child. If you only respond to the negative behaviors, it can trigger more negative behaviors. Find ways to compliment your child while holding them accountable for their actions. Remember, they are more than just the behaviors of ADHD. Give them the chance to “WOW” you.

Provide Opportunities for Success – A child knows when you are truly excited and happy for them. Provide them with opportunities where they can succeed. Engage them in creative activities such as painting and sketching. Many top art competitions in the world have “quick sketch” competitions that force artists to provide their best work in 30 to 45 minutes. Celebrate your child’s focus and creative spirit in these types of challenges.

Regular Physical Exercise & Outdoor Playtime – For children with ADHD, burning some of the excess energy of the day can help to balance hormone levels, and provide your child with the building blocks for healthy bones and muscles.

Create a Child-Friendly Organizational System – Find the methods of organization that work best for your child. This may include a notebook with a checklist of daily “to dos”, a chart on the wall, or reminders in their smartphone or tablet. Teach them how to prioritize tasks including schoolwork, home chores, exercise, and fun activities.

Teach Your Child to Cook – Since ADD/ADHD is linked to the foods consumed, it is essential that your child learn what foods cause ADD/ADHD, and which ones can cure it. Spend time with your child exploring interesting ways to cook wild fish, grass-fed beef, free-range poultry, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Engage them in the menu planning and cooking process, and the dietary changes recommended above, will be significantly easier to implement.