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ello! My name is Kevin and I’m the Author of the ADHD Elimination Guide. I would like to take a moment and share the miraculous transformation that took place with my seven-year-old daughter once I gained the knowledge to identify and eliminate the contributing factors of Aniston’s ADHD symptoms.

Before the elimination diet

Her Academics

Before the elimination diet, my daughter struggled academically. She had a difficult time with essential reading and comprehension. With the recommendation of her second-grade teacher, Aniston was placed in a remedial reading group where she showed no signs of improvement. Her penmanship was illegible. During lessons, she was unable to focus and stay still. Aniston frequently disturbed the class dynamics by always talking over the teacher, acting hyper, and showed impulsive behaviors. She demonstrated frustration when participating in class projects and would often give up. Aniston was aggressive toward her classmates. She struggled to complete daily assignments., and worst of all, her self-esteem was deteriorating. She began to resent school and would make excuses to avoid going. When I received her first quarterly progress report it was quite obvious she was falling behind, and something had to be done.


We faced multiple challenges. Aniston was showing signs of depression and anxiety. She made disturbing comments like, “I hate my life and wish I was dead,” “I’m so stupid,”  “everyone hates me,” and “I don’t deserve to be alive.” It was impossible for her to sit still during meals she couldn’t sit still and often fell from her chair. Aniston was hyperactive and spoke extremely fast and had problems putting sentences together correctly. She would turn violent when she didn’t get her way. She didn’t respect her elders. She wouldn’t reply when spoken to.

Leaving The House

I found it quite difficult to leave the house. When visiting friends and family, I often checked out early because of Aniston’s behavior—it’s challenging when your child doesn’t listen, you have to repeat yourself 10 times to get her attention. She talks back! She would throw tantrum which involved kicking and punching if she didn’t get what she wanted. I dreaded going to the market because most of the time I would end up throwing Aniston over my shoulder and carry her out of the store while she screaming at the top of her lungs.

Her Overall Health

Looking back, Aniston was in poor health. She was sick more often than others; she had a cough that lingered for ten months and suffered from constant earaches, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dark circle under eyes, excessive gas and bloating, foggy brain and irritable.


With growing concerns over Aniston’s well-being, I sought the guidance of a child therapist. After the first session, the therapist was confident that Aniston had ADHD and recommended she start adrenal to treat the symptoms. Hmm! I thought to myself. How could any therapist diagnose a person in only one hour? At that point, I knew this person didn’t have my child’s best interest in mind. Thank god! I researched ADHD because today my daughter is living and thriving without the need for medication.

One Year Later 

Today Aniston ADHD symptoms are well controlled! Academically, she is excelling in all areas. She developed a passion for reading. She enjoys reading quietly to herself before bed. She is no longer a disturbance in her class and gets along with her classmates. Aniston’s teacher is shocked and relieved at her transformation and is now her most prominent advocate.

Within the first week of starting the elimination process, I noticed major improvements, and as the weeks progressed the changes were becoming more prominent. Her anger subsided, her patience grew stronger, her focus and concentration drew deeper, and her attitude improved. Around the two-month mark, most symptoms were undetectable. She is healthier. She now getting invited to play dates, and her babysitter is no longer make excuses not to watch her. We eat dinner together calmly. We play games without fighting. She hardly throwing tantrums. But most importantly, I noticed the biggest improvement in her self-esteem.  Her depression and anxiety are fading away, and she’s much happy.

My Mission

Aniston’s transformation opened my eyes and brought new purpose to my life. I want to help other families that are struggling with the idea of medicating their child! So I decided to write the ADHD Elimination Guide because it works—my daughter is a perfect example. Keep in mind I’m a single father with a full-time job, so if able to pull this off then so can you. Just follow the steps!


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